Feral Fighting: Advanced Widow Maker Techniques (DVD)



Feral Fighting: Advanced Widow Maker Techniques is the advanced companion to our best selling Widow Maker Program. This instructional video addresses the biggest threat you will ever encounter in an unarmed one-on-one situation – an enraged manic who goes “ballistic”. How would you defend against a crazed opponent who showers you with blows? Your martial arts training will not work against such a frenzied attack. Parry, block or try to evade the “postal attack” and you will end up kissing the pavement. The problem is most conventional defensive techniques are simply ineffective against against someone who goes “ballistic”. The “ballistic postal attack” is just too fast, too explosive and too frenetic!

Feral Fighting addresses the dreaded “ballistic postal attack” by teaching you Sammy Franco unique Shielding Wedge technique. This cutting edge defensive technique will prove to be one of the most important self defense skills you will ever use in an unarmed combat situation. This remarkable defensive tool was designed by Sammy Franco to handle the worst case scenario in the streets. No matter how fast and furious your opponent attacks, you will will be able to protect yourself and take your attacker out of the fight!

Feral Fighting also teaches you some of the most savage and severe method of street fighting. In this video, Sammy Franco takes his Razing method of fighting to an entirely new level by teaching you his Scorching methodology. Feral Fighting also teaches you the barbaric art of Sharking and numerous life saving counters and reversals.

Feral Fighting approximate running time: 1 hour 8 minutes. All of our DVDs are multi regional and will play anywhere in the world. Excellent sound and picture quality!

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