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The WidowMaker Program: Extreme Self-Defense for Deadly Force Situations (DVD) is the most extreme hand to hand combat program on the market. Here, CFA Founder and President, Sammy Franco discloses his most brutal fighting methods so the law-abiding citizen can use extreme force when faced with immediate threat of unlawful deadly criminal attack.

The WidowMaker Program is divided into two unique methods or “phases” of attack: Webbing and Razing. Each fighting method is barbaric and utterly devastating for the opponent. This material has not been discussed in any of Mr. Franco’s previous books or DVDs. Its fresh, feral, innovative, and unique to our Contemporary Fighting Arts fighting system.

Why Learn The WidowMaker Program?

  • It teaches you how to fight light years beyond what others are currently studying in the martial arts world.
  • It enables a smaller and weaker person to defeat a larger and stronger opponent.
  • It’s Indefensibe! Your opponent won’t know how to defend against this unusual fighting style.
  • You don’t need previous martial arts or self defense training to learn this highly scientific combat method.

The WidowMaker Extreme Self-Defense for Deadly Force Situations is not available in stores and can only be purchased through our official CFA web site. You must be 18 years or older to purchase this extreme combat program.

The WidowMaker Program DVD

  • Interactive Widow Maker DVD including 14 scene selection options. DVD is approximately 1 hour and 4 minutes long. All our instructional DVDs are multi-regional and will play anywhere in the world. Excellent sound and color quality.

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