Defend or Die (DVD)



Defend or Die shows you step-by-step how to effectively defend yourself against vicious street attacks. In this action packed video, Sammy Franco shows you the most practical and effective defensive skills you can use on the streets.

This hour long dvd covers the following topics: The seven (7) essential components of practical “street defense” (distance, stance, mobility, blocking, parrying, evading, attacking), proximity considerations for enhanced defensive reaction time, mirror image blocking and parrying skills, the 360-degree drill, high blocks, mid blocks, low blocks, elbow blocks, horizontal and vertical parries, the dangers of cross parrying in a street fight, why “sport oriented blocks” will get you killed in a life and death confrontation with a criminal, evasive footwork skills, the dangers of cross stepping, full contact sucker punch drills, 3 man hubod for reaction time development, parrying drills with haymaker integration, flowing into the clinch from defense, defensive memory recall drills, full contact energy drills, tactile sensitivity drills with knife defense integration, the dangers of bobbing and weaving in a fight, how to take a punch (damage minimization tactics), and so much more.

DVD Details: DEFEND OR DIE: Defensive Skills For Street Combat is a multi-regional dvd and will play anywhere in the world. Top audio and color quality. Approximate running time: 1 hour and 8 minutes.

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