About Us

No Belts – No Rituals – No Nonsense

Sammy Franco’s Contemporary Fighting Arts or (CFA), is a cutting-edge reality based martial art system specifically designed for real world self-defense applications. Since the advent of RBSD, Sammy Franco and his Contemporary Fighting Arts system has been the world’s leading authority on reality based self-defense training. Our dynamic self-defense system integrates all of the essential elements of the martial arts with practical, “street effective” fighting techniques.

CFA is designed to provide you with the most efficient self defense techniques to avoid, defuse, confront and neutralize both armed and unarmed criminal assailants and to accomplish these acts in the safest manner possible. Unlike other martial arts, Contemporary Fighting Arts dispenses with impractical methods and focuses on reality based self-defense (RBSD) and street fighting preparedness. The bottom line is CFA teach you how to really fight!

Contemporary Fighting Arts is the culmination of years of research, analysis, experimentation, methodical innovation and reality based self-defense experience from self-defense expert, Sammy Franco. Its physical foundation is predicated on stylistic integration. Stylistic integration is the scientific collection of specific elements from various disciplines, which are strategically integrated and dramatically altered to meet three essential criteria for real world self defense: efficiency, effectiveness and safety.

Contemporary Fighting Arts draws upon the knowledge and wisdom of the martial arts, military combatives, police science, and human psychology. If you are truly looking for a martial art style that is engineered to work under real-life combat conditions, then you have come to the right place!

What We Offer:

  • All forms of Close-Quarter Hand-to-Hand Combat
  • Boxing, Kickboxing, Mixed Martial Arts Integration
  • Grappling and Ground Fighting Skills
  • Submission and Joint locks
  • Multiple Attacker Defense Skills
  • Full-Contact Assault Simulation Training
  • Mental Toughness and Combat Conditioning
  • Weapon Defense and Disarming Skills.
  • Weapon’s Training including: Combat Knife, Kali Sticks, Defensive Cane, Kubotan, Self-Defense Sprays

Why Choose Contemporary Fighting Arts?

  • CFA has been the world’s leading expert in Reality Based Martial Arts since 1989.
  • CFA’s was developed and utilized in “real world” combat conditions.
  • CFA is taught exclusively by its founder, Sammy Franco.
  • CFA provides the best self-defense training to people from all walks of life.
  • CFA’s reputation & credibility is unparalleled.

Real-World Training For All Levels of Experience!

Contemporary Fighting Arts has a broad range of students, including: 

  • Beginner, intermediate, and advanced self-defense students.
  • Martial artists of all skill levels.
  • Mixed martial arts (MMA) students.
  • Self-defense instructors.
  • Martial art schools.
  • Defensive tactics (DT) instructors.
  • Law Enforcement & Military Agencies. 

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