Extreme Self-Defense

“Extreme Self-Defense” refers to dire circumstances where the law-abiding citizen is warranted and justified (in the eyes of the law) to use deadly physical force when faced with immediate threat of unlawful deadly criminal attack.

How is extreme self defense different from other fighting methods? To answer this question all you need to do is look to the weapons in a military’s arsenal which includes both conventional and nuclear weapons. The same applies to personal combat, you too must have an arsenal of both conventional and nuclear weapons at your disposal.

Unlike conventional self defense, extreme self defense techniques are “nuclear” and designed to immediately stop a criminal from continuing his unlawful deadly assault. Extreme self defense techniques can possible cause severe injury or death and can only be used in life and death self defense situations! These self defense techniques are not designed for sport combat, tournament competition or any self defense situation that does not justifiably legally warrant the application of deadly force.

Unlike other self defense systems, Contemporary Fighting Arts recognizes the distinction between conventional and nuclear self defense situations and we have designed several unique fighting programs that will give you the knowledge, skill and power to survive a life and death combat situation.

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Showing all 10 results