War Machine II (Book)




Just when you thought Sammy Franco’s best-selling War Machine book could not be surpassed, War Machine II is finally here. War Machine II is the advanced companion book that teaches you simple, easy and effective combat techniques for real-world self-defense.

In this 300+ page book, self-defense expert Sammy Franco marches forward with cutting-edge self-defense concepts and techniques that will take your fighting skills to entirely new levels of combat performance.

With over 300 photographs and detailed step-by-step instructions, War Machine II teaches you a vast array of life-saving
no-nonsense combative techniques, including:

✅ Weaponized physiology
✅ Advanced targeting
✅ Body weapon applications
✅ Brutal fighting combinations
✅ Knock-out strategies
✅ Grappling and ground fighting techniques
✅ Escapes from grabs, chokes, and holds
✅ Defensive skills that work
✅ Defeating multiple attackers
✅ Makeshift weapon skills
✅ Preparing for a home invasion
✅ Street-smart tactics and strategies
✅ And much, much more…

War Machine II is a must-have book for anyone interested in real-world combatives and who wants the ability to control the outcome of any high-risk self-defense situation.

It’s time to finally unleash your inner warrior…

⭐ Available in paperback, hardcover and kindle editions ⭐

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