1001 Street Fighting Secrets (book)




The martial arts have long been surrounded by an air of mysticism and lure of ancient secrets yet to be revealed to those willing to put in long years of study and training. There’s nothing mystical about Sammy Franco’sContemporary Fighting Arts system. It’s a no nonsense reality-based self-defense system that focuses on real-life fighting.

Over the years Franco has accumulated a treasure trove of techniques and principles that embody his Contemporary Fighting Arts system. But there is no mystique surrounding them, and there is nothing hidden about them. They are based on common sense and the wisdom gained from experience, and they are accessible to anyone with the desire to learn and the willingness to put forth the effort. This massive 450-page book marks the first time they have all been compiled under one cover, in what is certain to be the most exhaustive collection of street fighting techniques ever.

Each chapter covers a specific area of combat, beginning with the foundations of street fighting and moving to training and conditioning for armed and unarmed combat, the attributes of combat, and tactics and strategies. From there Franco progresses to the more specialized areas of martial training, such as grappling and ground fighting, bludgeons and stick fighting, knife fighting, and firearms. Finally, the last chapter bridges the gap between the technical and philosophical, providing the reader with a greater understanding of and appreciation for Contemporary Fighting Arts.