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War Machine: How to Transform Yourself Into A Vicious And Deadly Street Fighter is a book that will change you for the rest of your life! This unique combat conditioning system is specifically designed to transform you into a vicious and deadly street fighter.

When followed accordingly, War Machine will forge your mind, body and spirit into iron. Once armed with the mental and physical attributes of the War Machine, you will become a strong and confident warrior that can handle just about anything that life may throw your way. In essence, War Machine is a way of life. Powerful, intense, and hard.

In this unique transformation program, world-renowned combat expert, Sammy Franco shares his secrets for building explosive speed, bone crushing power and unparalleled mental strength.

Here, you will learn about range proficiency, combat stances, strategic positioning, footwork, target orientation, target recognition, target selection, target impaction, target exploitation, target zones, medical implications of combat techniques, speed, impact power, ambidexterity, improving offensive reaction time, balance, non-telegraphic movement, first strike, auto pilot fighting, and the killer instinct.

Every aspect of combat conditioning is also addressed in this comprehensive program – including the importance of appearance, combat body compositions, warm-ups, stretching, strength training exercises, split workout routines, combative utility of muscle groups, cardio conditioning, working with training partners, coping with pain, rest and burnout, and diet and nutrition.

War Machine is not only designed to develop physical strength, agility, and endurance but also help you overcome the fear and inhibitions toward physical combat. It provides the mental and psychological tools to confidently handle the rigors of both armed and unarmed combat. Topics include, developing the “hard core” attitude, improving self-confidence, decisiveness, follow through, courage, combative desensitization, viciousness, self discipline, philosophical resolution, emotional masking, overcoming combat related stress reactions, visualization techniques, and much more!

War Machine also bridges the gap between the technical and philosophical aspects of combat with a chapter devoted to the philosophy of warfare. Subjects include courage, pacifism, good vs. evil, the ego, laws of reality, loyalty, leadership, honor, frustration, and combat strategies.

War Machine is ideal for military, law enforcement, martial artists or anyone regardless of age or gender who wants the winning edge in modern day combat.

War Machine Book Details: 8 1/2 x 11, Paperback and Kindle Edition, illustrations. 170 pages.



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