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“Good morning/afternoon Mr. Franco. I have reviewed your page in the past (War Machine in particular) but made the vital error of not following through on contacting you concerning your programs. I paid for it yesterday when I was sucker-punched by someone in a parking lot. I saw nothing coming and even glanced down to my cell phone after he began taunting me. That is when I took the shot to the face (he ran off and sped away, all on tape by the way). I needed no stitches and will be fine (which surprised me considering he stood at about 6’4″ and I am 5’8″) and have a good outlook on what happened. Be that as it may, I looked back and have seen so many holes in my approach to the matter (guard down, not seeing the intermittently-balled-up fists as a sign, and a few other miscues) that I decided I will not remain ill-equipped for such instances. Once this happened I felt hollow, to be frank. I am solid for my height (~200lb) and I was a Correctional Officer in my twenties (34yo now), so my acquaintances always see me as a tough type. Maybe it was complacency that got me the cut on my nose and the swollen lip. I tried to de-escalate verbally and back away, but when I had to stop for the parked car behind me things went downhill. I feel more like an idiot than a victim, as I know I have the basic physical capabilities to prevail in such situations (sound body/mind, in good shape, etc.), but did not have what builds upon those strengths (mind set, attention to the entire situation, true fighting ability, etc.) I have been over your site for the past six hours this morning and am confident that I will get to where I need to be with your programs. As I reside in California, I will be limited to your books and videotapes but this is no discouragement for me. When I saw the link to ask for help in making up my mind I jumped. This is my chance to make up for lost time, so to speak. I apologize for the rambling, but I felt compelled to give some background in order to show my sincere desire to improve my current situation. This attack was my wake-up call! When possible, please take a look at the above and give me your recommendations. You have so many resources that I want to know I am beginning in the right place. Until I hear from you I will be adding in more training to get my body as strong as possible in order to prepare for the programs. I look forward to working your programs into my life.”

– Sincerely, Ken

“Sammy, I just wanted to say thank you, I have not yet purchased any of your training materials but I just wanted to let you know the impact that this web site alone has had on my life. I have realized that a lot of personal problems that I have had in my life are only there because of fear of confrontation that was instilled in me at a very young age, also I was always taught that if you are a person who stays way from conflict then violence will stay away from you, try to explain that one to the innocent victims of New York city. It’s pure dumb luck that I am still alive today with these weak pacifist blinders I have been wearing all my life. I was beat up pretty badly by a bunch of guys at a party when I was 20, then my brother died of cancer 2 weeks later and I’ve been in an altruistic trance ever since and I have always been very skeptical of most martial art philosophies, to make matters worse when I was 28 I started taking “self defense” classes at a gym I was working out at in Alaska (I was a bodybuilder type back then so I guess I supposedly looked tuff) anyway the instructor of this class thought he would use me as an example of how to take down an attacker who has you in a bear hug, mind you the rest of the class were all great looking females, I was the only guy. He proceeded to throw me to the ground head and neck first, I learned what it meant to see stars, not only could I not move my neck for the next four weeks but this only verified my skepticism even more of the sanity of martial arts instructors. Now at the age of thirty five I decided to take another look at self defense, so I get on the net and try to find something I can learn at home and the first thing I come across is CFA! Sammy you have shown me exactly the training that I never thought I would find, but not only that! Reading this critically thought out information has brought me out of a funk that had me looking in the direction of suicide as an option to ending my backlog of personal problems, Sammy like I said at the start of this long rambling, thank you! Not only from myself but also from my wife and children, I’ll say thank you for them, you saved there fathers life from 3000 miles away with your inspirational thinking, again – thank you!”

– Adam

“Hello Sammy. I just saw your CFA site and its terrific. I saw the section on your video tapes and am excited at the prospect of finally getting to see some of your stuff on tape. I have written you before, and will again ask for another favor of advice. If I could only buy 5 tapes which tapes would you recommend? Thanks again.”

– Shaun

“Mr. Franco, my name is Matt. First off, I really enjoy your site and your information. I wish there was a Contemporary Fighting Arts school or training academy where I live. I would love to train with you guys. I really like your approaches, thoughts, and spirit. Which leads me to my question. I am currently working on a modern martial arts site developed to provide the changing world of martial arts with information on training, fighting, combat, and more. I have read some of your articles and think they are great. I would like to quote or feature some of your articles on my site, but provide you with the full credit and link. I do not want to steal any information, or not give you guys the respect you deserve. Thank you for your consideration.”

-Matt F.

“Wow Sammy, I love your web site! Exuding a strength you can actually feel right through the screen! Hell, it makes me want to do one more war at least! Keep it going!”


“Sammy Franco, your War Machine book is awesome! I have to have that skull with the joker tattooed on my forehead! Really a nice job of designing this!”


“Sammy, this site kicks ass, I am ordering Widowmaker today.” Thanks Sammy.”

– Surfer1

“This site is in a class by itself. The design is pretty effective … you can navigate effectively to find whatever information you need. Gotta absorb that now rather than later. Sammy … great site … you’re kickin’ ass on the web. Much success!”


“Dear Sirs, this is the best combat web sites that I’ve yet to see. Very raw…indeed. I am ordering the War Blade Program by Xmas. In your face…..all the way.”

– 2002 Bouncer

“When is everyone going to see that Sammy’s War Machine perspective is the real deal. I only wish he had a TV show or something. Man the stuff I would learn. Thanks.” 


“I appreciate the war machine book, ideas, and the web site. It appears that natural selection is taking place. Those who are interested in survival, and those who are interested in playing warrior, or ignoring reality altogether. Ignoring reality does nothing except create an ignorant corpse, and playing warrior only feeds an ego. Nature has always decreed survival of the fittest.”


“I took karate classes before and they don’t show anything like whats on this web site. I will for sure be getting myself a copy of war machine because I believe in reality……not fantasy!”


“Sammy, I’ve been checking out the Contemporary Fighting Arts web site and many rounds of applause to you! Excellent! The only other step to opening a persons eyes to reality is to actually smack em!”


“Hello Sammy: The web site is well done and gives good information. It appeals well to those who are looking for solid information without the fluff. Some may feel it is not politically correct, but there is just so much you can butter up real violence. I hope to see more articles, information, from Sammy Franco.”


“Sammy, the Wicked Jester Radio Station rocks. It’s about time someone showed what’s out there. Too many people like to hide behind false truths pretending that if they stick their head in the sand, no harm can find them. The only way to protect yourself is to face the danger – not hide from it. Good job, Sammy!”


“Excellent web site!! I Like the “no nonsense” approach you seem to boast… and I like your concepts and philosophy. I’ll will be visiting often.”

– Dave S. SFC (Congress Knife Fighting Instructor)

“Hello Mr. Franco: I am waiting for your Warrior Crucible Music CD now I have just mailed my check. I can’t wait to hear it!!”

– J. Tirrell

“Mr. Franco, first off, let me say your sight is excellent. I am a police officer in W.Va.. and I have been involved in martial arts for the past 12 years. I have recently been studying JKD but I find it lacking. I was wanting to see if you offer any weekend training courses, privates etc.”

-Scott L.

“I have to say, this is one GREAT SITE! I have been training in the martial arts for about ten years and enjoyed it very much. I still do very much enjoy training. Your view on street fighting is true and you tell it like it is. Unfortunately, there are a lot of martial arts instructors out there who do not see the truth…Keep up the GREAT work…I would be very interested in going to a seminar in New York City. Thanks and God Bless!”


“Love your work Sammy – finally got the War Machine book. I love the War Machine T-shirts. Thanks again, and best wishes for the New Year.”

-Tim O.

“When my friend called me up and told me to go to your web page, I immediately thought it was going to be another one of those cheesy martial art pages. Boy was I wrong! This site kicks ass. Its what I have been searching for on the Internet. Tough, balls to the walls combat attitude. I cannot wait to order your DVDS. I sent a check for your war machine book today as well. I will be visiting your site regularly. Thank you for taking the time to create it.”

-Danny R.

“Great site. I haven’t found anything quite like it on the internet so far! I live in Yonkers, New York, which is right outside of New York City. I was interested if you will be holding any seminars in New York City. Thank You!”

-Joseph B.

“At last!!! Finally a web site that isn’t afraid to tell it like it is and doesn’t care who reads it. I have been saying many of the same things for years! I will definitely be ordering your book soon. Thanks for enlightening others.”

-Mark B.

“I get on the forum everyday. I am very interested in learning as much as I can about self defense. I will be ordering one of your programs very soon. Keep up the good work.”

– Jeff C.

“Mr. Franco, I appreciate the reality-based and very well thought out system you teach and see many of the exact same phrases I used to describe why I left martial arts schooling when they pushed me up the belts and asked me to jump over a row of people like a circus cat. I have a better understanding of what your training has to offer and I would like to observe some training taking place, or attend a training session with you. I will call again, but I wanted to give you a heads up. I’ll call again soon. Have a good day.”

– Jeff G.

“Hi Sammy, “War Craft ” is awesome – the kick-in-the-ass attitude adjustment I really needed. When coupled with leanings from “1001 Street Fighting Secrets” and “First Strike”, I feel like I’ve discovered a whole new side of myself, somebody I’ve always wanted to be: someone that you know shouldn’t be messed with or taken lightly by just looking at them – ordinary enough on the surface, but there’s just something “primal” underneath that keeps trouble away.”

– Brian. S

“…having served in the U.S. Army (28th Division), it makes me laugh to see the hundreds of so-called “self-defense” gurus out there who claim to teach methods usable in “any situation”. Most martial arts are so set in stone they can’t be applied to changing threats and circumstances. Finally here is a real, no-nonsense site dedicated to cutting the CRAP and showing the brutality of modern unarmed combat. What I wanna know is have you guys had any military training (‘cuz you come from a perspective it seems you do) and how do you think US armed forces training stacks up in the real world? Thanks for a great site!”

– Ozone

“I would not have found out about your web site if they had not contacted me for a reciprocal link to my International Bodyguard Directory (www.bodyguards.com). On viewing the web site I realized that every other listing in my Martial Art Schools & Martial Art Supply categories had to be removed, and they are, GONE!. Years ago I had a guy try to stab me with a knife, I kicked him in the balls, he leaned forward, I chicken winged his hand and the knife fell to the ground, still holding his hand in the locked position I then head butted him, as his head came back toward me at an angle I sunk my teeth in to his ear and bit it half off, then when he dropped I kicked him about 8 times in the ribs where upon he ceased to move. I started out as a street fighter in the UK and later got caught up in all the martial art hype, tai chi, karate, kung fu, maui thai full contact kick boxing was about the only martial art that had substance, especially the elbow and knee strikes; these I practice daily as well as other fighting methods.. None of these arts taught you how to fight the enemy in a street brawl. The War Machine is a fighting art education both mentally and physically. Weightlifting is important also, not for massive muscles but for grips and choke holds and leg and arm breaks, running, skipping for stamina, and forget all about alcohol, drugs and cigarettes, all designed for losers! why so many people can’t stand up and face the day to day reality of life is beyond me!…..Banquet of bullshit operated by losers, wankers and assholes! Get Real. Be A Man. Reality can save your life! Every passing moment is an opportunity to change your life!”

– Denny Hammerton

“Dear Sammy Franco, Hello, my name is Brian and I’ve been a believer in your concepts since 1992. I’m a black belt in Isshin ryu karate (big whoopee), And I found out that about 75% of what I learned was useless in a “real life” altercation. I grew up in the inner city of Chicago, where it was get tough or die, or join a gang and die anyway. However I know first hand how people fight, and the dojo don’t cut it. I bought your first two books “street lethal” and “killer instinct”, just by reading your books changed my way of thinking about unarmed combat and the types of “assailants” I could encounter. I’m writing to ask a few questions of you if I may? First, I was under the impression from your first book, that you were against locks and throws in a street fight, but when I visited your web site you now teach “grappling” techniques, what changed your mind if it ever did? Second, I will be buying your book “war machine” when I get back to work could you recommend a sample diet of what foods I should eat as a fighter? third, do you teach the corkscrew punch (boxing), if not, why? I’m sorry Sammy for such a long e-mail, I know you are a very busy man, but if you could find the time to respond it would make my day. Thank you for your time. God bless you.”

– Sincerely, Brian P.

“Mr. Franco, very, very good articles. I was impressed. I am all for “Realistic Combat”. Of Course, these seems to be a lot of “Innovators” out. I really cannot comment on all of them, but I can say that I really will enjoy your information, because from my perspective we are all in this together. I would like to put some out some day.”

-Teanis T.

“Dear Mr. Franco, I just checked out your web site and I think your core information and your knowledge of reality base combat is exceptional.”

-Concerned M. Artist.

“I, too, agree that there are too many “gimmick” styles out there that will get you hurt in a real encounter and too many schools which will inflate your ego for the right price ( “Give me “x” amount of dollars and I’ll have you in a black belt in 6 months.” ) It is a breath of fresh air to see that there are still those who have the correct “budo” mentality and aren’t afraid to let others know about it. Great site!


“The site ROCKS! Keep up the TRUTH!”

-Douglas H.

“Thanks for providing true reality self defense. If any one reading this is a pacifist, you need yo get your head out of your ass. Being peaceful doesn’t cut it in the REAL world. “In peace a wise man prepares for battle.” If you want to avoid violence join a convent!!!!!!!!”


“Nice, no BS, straight to the point and ruthless just like the street.”

-Sincerely, John S.

“I think that this is a very good web site. In my opinion, there’s no better way to learn how to fight, than an actual fight. You web site demonstrates this and your videos seem well worth the money. Keep it up.”

-Eric S

“Your web site is excellent. I can’t wait to meet Sammy sometime when I come for a seminar or something.”

– Anonymous

“Howdy, I am really impressed by your web site and if u ever feel u need to expand in India do call me and I will try my best to make as CFA possible in India.”

– Rajkumar

“Sammy your web site is fantastic, very informative, no bullsh*t, Raw, the War Machine book has changed my training forever. Thanks and Best Wishes.”


“Congratulations Sammy, This site really wakes me up..”

Cheers, -pAnDu-

“Sammy Franco, I found your amazing web site through a search engine. I typed in “street fighting”, and I found your web site. I now have surfed your web site every single time I am online. Your CFA sounds like an excellent martial Arts. I have been interested in self-defense all my life. Along with you, I used to always get into fights when I was younger. Although I have honestly never started one fight in my life. Its just that I don’t take anything from people and I hate bullies. I live in a city that has a bunch of punks and people who are always looking to start a fight. So I have been into weight training for about a year now and I teach myself how to fight. I spend hours a day practicing punches and kicks and I have my friends try to come at me, and I we create real life situations and true fighting skills that I use on the street.

When I found your web site I instantly loved every aspect of it. I am going to order a couple of your DVDS and I cant wait to see you in action with them. My philosophy when it comes to fighting is to never show fear to your opponent. Just like you said, when you have that fearless killer look in your eye, the bully thinks twice about doing anything to you, and if he chooses to precede with the battle, I use everything I know to defeat the bully. Where are you located. I would love to check out your stuff in person. Well that would be great if you could e-mail me back. I respect you a great deal just by listening to you answer the questions and everything about the web site. Well I hope to hear from yah man.”

-David W.

“Mr. Franco, My name is Adam. I was just checking out your web site on a recommendation from my self defense instructor. Just wanted to tell you that I’m impressed with the quality and realism of the information you’re presenting and I plan on ordering War Machine after pay day! In fact, I think you might have had occasion to speak to my instructor – Dino Urbani, from Ottawa, Canada. He speaks highly of your methods and your resources. We also train in a reality based, street oriented approach to defense – throwing away all the junk that looks wonderful and will get you killed quick. Thanks for having the balls to share the REAL information with people like me, who aren’t afraid to admit that the real world can be a very ugly place.”

Take care, Adam

Mr. Franco, 
I know you must hear this a thousand times, but let me be the thousandth and one person to tell you that you are into some serious training here! (I gathered from your web site that you have nothing against use of profanities, so excuse me for taking the liberty 😉

At 26 years of age, I have been a lifelong enthusiast of Martial Arts. I live on a small island in the Caribbean, where they are extremely few options for Martial Arts training, and the little that we have, is quite mediocre to say the least. I have trained up to red belt level in Tae Kwon Do when I was a lot younger, but I have yet to really utilize it in any self defense situation. All that I have used for my personal protection is stuff that I’ve made up.. things that I’ve seen, mainly Aikido type limb hyperextensions.

I have a huge collection of UFC DVD’s and the Pride FC championship tournaments from Japan, and those were the first things to change my mind from traditional martial arts training. You have now pushed the envelope much further with your philosophies, and I must tell you Mr. Franco, that you have really opened my eyes.

I am going to proceed with your suggested widowmaker program and proceed from there. Again, I just wanted to let you know, that you have seriously impacted my thoughts, and my aspirations about my martial arts training in the future, and my only wish was that there could be an actual facility here, where I could train with someone like yourself. But I know your videos and books will get me where I want to be.

Thank you for all the information that you have shared on your web site. I can barely wait to jump headfirst into your videos. 
Thanks again!

“I found this site by accident when I was just surfing the other day. And I am glad that I did as a LEO in todays world this is knowledge to help make sure I go home in one piece at the end of a shift. Thanks.”

– Anonymous

“Dear Mr. .Franco, I came about your site on accident and was so overwhelmed with happiness and motivation that I had to write and say thank you. my name is mike bruce, from Milford Mass. I am a former marine with weapons co 1/8.honor graduate out of boot camp. Its very rare I come across someone with the same views as myself. I have a select group of friends, and they even think i am a radical on my views. Many of them call me (Uncle Sams misguided child} any way i just wanted to say its about time that someone who has access to get this kind of opinion out there, thank you. the usa is the best country in the world and all these puke bastards who come here and badmouth my beloved country should go back to where the hell they come from. Its gotten so bad that even little white kids who were born here and with money bad mouth the usa. its pathetic.. no one should sit on death row for years, hell they should be taken out back and shot.. i totally agree with your code of conduct and commend you. Its better to be tried by 12 than carried by 6..” 

– Sincerely, Mike Bruce , Semper Fi

“Hello my name is James of Plainfield Indiana and i have looked over your web site. I plan on purchasing your book as soon as possible and i am already impressed with the content of your site. I would just like to say that as a martial artist i highly respect your code of ethics and i am glad that you put this philosophy into your training. Because we all know that many new age “real life” fighting programs today forget that the martial arts are mental, physical and spiritual. I am happy that your program integrates all these assets to make a formidable opponent. Also teaching that the martial arts are not only a self defense method but also a way of life.” sincerely,

-James P.

“Mr. Franco, I have been involved with fighting arts for a number of years. What you are doing is invaluable. At the heart of your system is the knowledge that a fight is ugly, cruel, and horrific. The only answer to winning is to make it more ugly, cruel, and horrific for the opponent. This requires a mind set as much as skills. Sadly this is rarely taught in the acrobatic classes that pass as martial arts. Keeping teaching the warrior’s creed to those who will listen and will use it for right! My creed? Aggressive, aggressive, aggressive. There is no other way to survive, and make no mistake, it is about survival.”


“My name is George and I am a patrolman with the Aberdeen, MD PD. I am also an instructor for them as wall as Reddragonjujitsu.com. I am very impressed by you web site. as I can see you are teaching what to do in real life, not when bad guy does A,B or C. What would it take for us to host one of your police courses at our dojo? Thanks again for some great info.”

– George

“Good morning Mr. franco, I thank you very much for taking the time to write me a line. As I said in my other e-mail i am quite impressed with your site. So i went through it and decided to order your war machine and war craft books. I thought your mission statement and worthless bastards were right on the money. and by no means do i mean to come off to you as {who is this guy think he is, like his opinion matters} no disrespect what so ever. as ive said before its rare to find someone who is not afraid to speak the truth and be politically incorrect. my own personal mission is a little different than your brotherhood. i feel that if people dont start understanding that there is not a lot of good people anymore and that the government and courts usually protect the criminal then there fucked! Your right, submission wrestling, judo etc are all great, but in the street or in your home, they will only get you so far. i try and train at odd times of the night and focus on full contact drills and improvisation in the home. my motto is its better to be tried by 12 than carried by 6. [but that is even becoming less of a reality] Well i have to go check on my wife, she’s in bed waiting for me and probably wondering what the hell im doing, keep the faith.” [uncle sams misguided child] -Sincerely

Mike B.

Mr. Franco, I am extremely satisfied with the teaching on your videos. The information and the techniques are straight-forward and effective with no BS! I am confident that if I apply conscience effort to practice the techniques on these videos that I will improve dramatically as a fighter. I have already learned things in concept that some go a lifetime without learning.There is much confusion in the Martial Arts world today as in the world in general. I am thankful that CFA is committed to dispel the confusion, and in the process save some lives. It has been said: “Simplicity is Truth’s most becoming garb”. Let others live in fantasy land, I enjoy reality. Thank you.”

-Nick C.

“Sammy, I just got When Seconds Count as my second gift. This book should be mandatory reading, not only for those who are personally interested in self-defense, but for everyone who has a family to take care of. Thanks for the great work.”

–Mark R

“Just wanted to let you know how I felt about your new stick fighting video. Another great tape! I know very little about stick fighting, and this tape gives you exactly what you need to get started and dismisses many of the untruths out there. This tape may not give an experienced stick fighter many new tips, but for the beginner it is a phenomenal start. Sammy, I would like to commend you on your great teaching ability. As one who went to Teacher’s College and now teaches in a classroom, you get to see some of what makes a great teacher. You have those qualities! During the tape, you took many opportunities to stop your students and correct them, or explain in greater detail the intricacies to your material. You also explained concepts in many different ways to ensure that all people watching had a clear understanding. Bravo Sammy!”


“Sammy, I just wanted to again say thanks and let you know that your FIRST STRIKE video is EXACTLY the type of tape I was looking for – this is hands down the best instructional fighting tape that I have ever seen. The bonus seminar footage was a great addition as well. I know that you hear this all the time on the boards and emails – just wanted to add my name to the list. I’ve been studying MA et al for almost 20 years, and no BS – I’m really impressed by the substance you convey. Keep up the great work – more tapes will be added to my collection shortly! Best regards.”

– Brian (Elkton, MD)

“Hello Sammy, I’m pleased to let you know that this is the fastest shipment I have ever received from the USA. The videos arrived yesterday morning and are in good condition. I spent the whole of yesterday evening watching all four tapes, and I’m planning to go for second and third and fourth viewing ASAP! You cracked me up at the end of C&C II with that “war baby” thing.”

– John

“I popped in Groundpounders as soon as I got it. This tape is great! Beside seeing the teaching in action, your post analysis is invaluable. Pointing out many things I would never have thought to look for, and giving pointers on what to do instead. For those interested in learning what goes into a fight, what can happen during a fight, and what not to do/to do in a fight, this is the tape! Sammy this tape is great! Take care and thanks again.”

– Shawn

“Dear Mr. Franco, thanks for all the advice about palm strikes. I am following the War Machine conditioning and it is great! The fat is going down slowly (I suspect the sugar in the Cell Tech, just like you said), but I am increasing my lifts every time (which amazes me). I plan to order a lot more of your great programs as I can afford it (3 kids). Anyway, THANK YOU!!

P.S. Have you ever wondered how many lives you have saved, between the exercise and the self-defense courses? Bet it’s quite a few!

-Bill P.

“I ordered two video tapes from you (First Strike and Ground Fighting Basics). I was apprehensive about them because of the low price. But when I got my order they were awesome. The quality is much better than your competitors and Mr. Franco is an incredible teacher. I will be ordering your Thracian program next week. Thanks a lot.”

Tim G. – Mc Comb, MS

“I recently ordered the First Strike and Groundpounders tapes after seeing them on your web page. To tell you the truth, I was leery of the quality. Boy was I surprised when my order showed up in well under a week, and both tapes were outstanding. I hope you guys use my testimonial on your web page. Thanks you.”

George M. – Cohoes, NY

“Hello Sammy, I received your warmachine and warcraft book last week. Congratulations on your work. They are probably the best self-defence books i’ve ever read but why aren’t they “real Books”, just loose pages in a file? Best wishes”

– Hendrik 

“I received my Thracian War Machine order and was extremely delighted. Initially, I was worried about ordering on-line. In your case, it was unwarranted because it was everything you advertised it to be. Thanks so much.” 

William M. – Smyrma, GA 

“I recently received the Ground pounders tape that I ordered, and I am absolutely thrilled with the quality of the material and the superb editing . I must admit that I was somewhat skeptical when I saw the prices you charge. I thought that for this little amount of money I would not be satisfied with the merchandise. Wow, was I ever wrong. I judge a company on three things. The value of merchandise offered, the prices charged, and the service given. You have passed with flying colors on all points. I have told all my buddies about you guys.” 

Daniel W. – Ohio

“I recently ordered your ground fighting basics videotape AFTER searching several other sites on the Internet and looking at combat grappling tapes. I have to admit I was a little worried that your low prices meant low quality… fortunately, I was wrong! My order was processed the middle of last week and I received my tapes today, Monday! The tape is loaded with principles and concepts that I have never seen before. This will give me the edge that I need! Thanks. P.S.–I just placed an order for your thracian program!”

Joe C. – Alexandria, KY

“I got my war machine tape series today when I went home for lunch and was completely shocked. I was blown away!! The tape quality is great and the price was very reasonable. I am reading the book as I watch the tapes. Needless to say, I will be ordering from you again- I now have my eye on the Samnite program ! I just want to thank you for quick shipping and the excellent quality!”

Brian B. – Spencerport, NY 

“I ordered you Thracian Program from your War Machine company and I would like to thank you for the quick shipment of these tapes. I also want to take a few minutes and let you know how pleased I am. They are very high quality and I know I will get years of use from these insightful tapes. I am very impressed with your business and your customer service! My wife also ordered your When Seconds Count book (by the way, can we have it autographed by Mr. Franco?). Keep up the good work and I will definitely order from you people again.”

Sean V. – Silver Spring, MD

“Thank you, thank you, thank you! My ENGAGE WITH RAGE tape just arrived and everything is just like you advertised. I can hardly wait until I get my War Machine T-shirts (I just ordered two shirts today). I will we ordering from you again and again. You guys are wonderful. A sincere thank you.” 

William N. – Yakima, WA

“I had ordered self-defense video tapes from other companies and was terribly disappointed. In all cases, the quality was lousy and the material was often improvised. So I guess you could understand my apprehension when I decided to order one of your War Machine programs. Man, was I all wrong. I was very pleased to finally receive TOP QUALITY self-defense tapes. The video tape and sound quality are the best and Mr. Franco has obviously put a lot of hard work into the production of his tapes. I am going to give your web address to all my pals. You have the best tapes I have found anywhere.”

Ken C. – Newark, DE 

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I thank you Mr. Franco, both for your life’s work and for not giving up. I am grateful that I ordered your book and videos (I still have Control & Conquer to watch!).”

-Lorne Coleman, (Director ESCAPE Self Defense Programs)

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The Enforcer 

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