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Engage With Rage: Close Quarter Combat is the most comprehensive “street oriented” clinch dvd ever produced. In this dynamic DVD, self defense expert Sammy Franco takes you through the basics of clinch work to the intermediate levels. Unlike most “sport oriented” clinch dads, Engage with Rage is the real deal, teaching you what you need to know to survive a deadly street fight in close quarter combat range.

Engage With Rage will teach you these important topics: the clinch range explained, how to control the clinch, clinch strategies, proper hand positioning, the differences between ‘sport clinch’ and the “street clinch”, defending against punches in the clinch, preventing the fight from going down to the ground, clinching specifics (hand placements, grips, neck lock up, arm placement, leg positioning, target minimization), leg driving in the clinch, acquiring the Inside Position, leveraging the opponent down, the ramming head butt, the clipping head butt, the thumb rake, vertical elbows, knee strikes in the clinch, mannequin training for the clinch, the swimming clinch drill, the neck crank to rear naked choke, dialogue and de-escalation scenario reenactment for the clinch, simulated street fights, modified hubod integration with the clinch, focus mitt drills, knife awareness drills within the clinch, plus much more.

DVD Details: Engage With Rage is a multi-regional dvd and will play anywhere in the world. Top audio and color quality. Approximate running time: 1 Hour.

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