Welcome to Contemporary Fighting Arts

Sammy Franco, CFA Founder

Welcome to Sammy Franco’s Contemporary Fighting Arts website! Contemporary Fighting Arts (CFA), is a cutting-edge reality based martial arts system specifically designed for real world self-defense situations.

Contemporary Fighting Arts has been the world’s leading authority for reality-based martial arts and combat training. Our dynamic, “no nonsense” self-defense system integrates all of the essential elements of the martial arts with practical and effective fighting skills and techniques.

If you are truly looking for a martial art system that is engineered to work under real-life combat conditions, then you have come to the right place!

Why Choose CFA?

  • CFA has been the world’s leading expert in Reality Based Self-Defense since 1989.
  • CFA’s was developed and utilized in “real world” combat conditions.
  • CFA has the most extensive book and video library in the world.
  • CFA provides self-defense training to military, law enforcement, and civilians.
  • CFA’s reputation & credibility is unparalleled.

Real-World Combat Training For Everyone!

CFA has a broad range of students, including: 

  • Beginner, intermediate, and advanced self-defense students.
  • Martial artists of all skill levels.
  • Mixed martial arts (MMA) students.
  • Self-defense instructors.
  • Martial art schools.
  • Defensive tactics (DT) instructors.
  • Law Enforcement & Military Agencies.