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Escape Master: How to Escape and Counter Locks, Chokes and Holds shows you step-by-step how to escape and counter the most common locks, chokes and holds used by street thugs.

In this action packed dvd, Sammy Franco shows you simple yet effective escapes and counters. This hour long dvd includes: Sammy Franco’s Unique MAP System that has been taught to thousands of Law Enforcement officers, the inherent dangers of joint manipulation techniques, why “anchoring” is critical for a joint lock to work, the side head lock escape and counter (with full contact simulation scenarios), single and double shirt grab counters, common mistakes people make when grabbed or choked on the street, side shoulder grab escapes, two hand wrist grab counter (from de-escalation stance), two hand throat choke escape (passive and aggressive counters), chest poke counter, rear “bear hug” escape (arms are free and arms are pinned to your sides), full contact simulation drills against the rear “bear hug”, the “point of no return” when faced with a rear naked choke, rear two hand throat choke counter, rear forearm choke escape, arm on shoulder counter, and much, much more..

DVD DETAILS: Escape Master: How to Escape and Counter Locks, Chokes and Holds is a multi-regional dvd and will play anywhere in the world. Top audio and color quality. Approximate running time: 58 minutes. See our customer reviews below.

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