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In Your Face: Winning Strategies Against the Encroacher – Do you know what to do when someone “gets in your face” and threatens you? It happens all the time. One belligerent guy walks up to another, gets in his face, threatens him, pushes and shoves and it turns into a bloody brawl. Most street fights start from the encroachment and if you know what to do and what to expect you can dramatically increase your odds of winning the street fight.

In Your Face teaches you all of the vital skills and strategies you need to take control of a threatening encroacher. Here, you will learn: the differences between passive and aggressive encroachments, the strategy of the natural stance, natural stance drills, strategic hand placement, the de-escalation stance, de-escalation tactics, strategies, effective selective semantics, diffusion drills and scenarios, the three causes of aggressive encroachments, how to recognize the cues of physical violence, defense against the chest push, the sucker punch counter, haymaker defenses, the most common block used in a street fight, mid block specifics, sucker punch drills, single and double wrist escapes, countering the shirt grab, countering the body tackle or “bums rush”, the stiff arm jam defense and much more!

DVD Details: In Your Face: Winning Strategies Against The Encroacher is a multi-regional dvd and will play anywhere in the world. Top audio and color quality. Approximate running time: 1 hour.

Warning! Because of the realistic nature of our self defense training, some role playing scenarios featured in this instructional DVD contain profane and abusive language.

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