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Are you tired of just punching the body opponenet bag? Want to bring new life into your BOB training? Our Body Opponent Bag Training DVD is great for developing all of your martial art skills. The unfortunate fact is that most people simply use the body opponent bag for striking techniques alone. They are unaware of the many other challenging workouts that can be performed on this unique punching bag. Let Sammy Franco show you how to unlock the full potential of this incredible piece of workout equipment.

Body Opponent Bag Training teaches you sixteen unique body opponent bag (BOB) workouts. Regardless of your martial art style or self defense system, you can achieve significant improvement in your self-defense skills when performing these cutting edge routines. Read our customer reviews and see what others have to say!

Body Opponent Bag Training includes the following dvd chapters: Introduction, filling the Body Opponent Bag., adjusting the Body Opponent Bag, moving the Body Opponent Bag: Shoulder Steering Technique, Workout #1: “First Strike Proficiency Training”, Workout #2: “Conventional Proficiency Training”, Workout #3: “Compound Attack Training”, Workout #4: Multiple Attacker Strikes”, Workout # 5 The “Claustrophobic Effect”, Workout #6: “Swimming Drill”, Workout #7: “Isometric Choke Drill”, Workout #8: “Pummeling Drill”, Workout #9: “Spooning Drill”, Workout #10: “Stick Training”, Workout #11: “Stick Strangles”, Workout #12: “Knife Training”, Workout #13: “Knife Concealment Drill”, Workout #14: “Mannequin in the Middle Drill”, Workout #15: “Bystander Intervention” Drill, and Workout #16: Razing Revisited.

DVD Details: Body Opponent Bag Training DVD a multi-regional DVD and will play anywhere in the world. Top audio and color quality. Total Run Time: 1 hour. Contemporary Fighting Arts is not affiliated or endorsed by Century Martial Arts, Inc.

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