Armed to the Teeth (Vol. 1) DVD



Armed to the Teeth (Volume. 1): Mastering Upper Body Weapons – This instructional self defense dvd will teach you step by step how to transform your body into an awesome street fighting weapon. Here, self defense expert, Sammy Franco will teach you his brutal Contemporary Fighting Arts (CFA) arsenal. You don’t need to be a martial artists to master these efficient and effective striking techniques.

Armed to the Teeth (Volume 1) teaches you some of the following self defense techniques: head butts (clipping and ramming), full contact hubod and head butting drills, biting tactics for the street, finger jab strikes, finger jab speed drills, tactile sensitivity exercises, common mistakes when jabbing the eyes, the awesome “Dead Man” drill, mannequin training, palm heel strikes and hand variations, the proper way to throw a punch in a street fight, lead straights, vertical, 3/4 and horizontal punches, the stabilizer and mover theory, why the “boxer’s jab” won’t work in a street fight, focus mitt striking drills, punching tips and suggestions, center knuckle strikes to reduce hand and wrist injuries, the rear cross, common punching errors, lead and rear hook punches, watch Sammy’s signature punch in action, the CFA hook punch vs. the boxer’s hook punch, preventing a “boxer’s fracture” in a street fight, CFA’s “Cyclone” drill, lead and rear uppercut punches, the “tight jolt” uppercut, the lead and rear shovel hook punch, mannequin drills and exercises and much more!

NOTE: This is a two part dvd series, we recommend getting the companion dvd: Armed to the Teeth (Volume 2).

DVD Details: ARMED TO THE TEETH: Mastering Body Weapons (Volume 1) is a multi-regional dvd and will play anywhere in the world. Top audio and color quality. Approximate running time: 58 minutes.

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