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In Choke Out, self defense expert, Sammy Franco meticulously addresses the many significant aspects of the rear choke and teaches you direct application to real world self defense situations. Finally, a choke out DVD that teaches you how to safely and effectively use the rear naked choke hold in a volatile street fight!

Choke out gives you a very analytical analysis of the rear naked choke and provides a wide range of exercises, drills and demonstrations that will benefit both self defense technicians, mixed martial artists, and martial arts students of all backgrounds and styles. Witness real life choke out demonstrations in this one of a kind instructional DVD.

The rear choke actually has many different names – choke hold, blood choke, sleeper hold, lions kill, hadaka jime or the rear naked choke. Regardless of what you call it, no one can argue the fact that the submission choke is one of the most effective technique in any fighter’s arsenal.

Most trained fighters fear it, yet everyone wants to master it. The unfortunate fact is information on the rear choke technique is in very short supply. Watch any grappling or submission DVD and you’ll notice only brief explanations on the choke hold, this is because most instructors have a very limited understanding of this fantastic finishing hold.

Choke Out: Mastering the Rear Naked Choke includes the following topics:

  • Introduction to using the rear choke effectively
  • Anatomy of a choke out technique
  • Exactly what is a “rear choke”
  • Two types of rear chokes that can be applied: air and blood restriction
  • Real time choke out demonstrations
  • Five important rear choke techniques and body mechanic movements
  • How to use hand signals when performing rear choke training
  • What to do when the opponent fights your rear choke: face crush and forehead lift counter techniques
  • How to bring the opponent down during a rear naked choke application: cross over stomp technique
  • Rear choke vulnerabilities in a street fight: how to deal with knives, firearms and multiple attackers
  • Knife awareness choke out drill – level 1 training (using the rubber knife)
  • Knife awareness choke out drill – level 2 training (using the shock knife)
  • How to bridge the gap from face to face position to chest to back location
  • How to use a neck crank to generate a rear naked choke technique
  • Isometric rear choking drills
  • Spooning choke exercises
  • One hand rear choke technique
  • Rear naked choke variations

DVD Details: Choke Out: Mastering the Rear Naked Choke is a multi-regional DVD and will play anywhere in the world. Top audio and color quality. Total Run Time: 57 minutes.

Choking techniques can be deadly and should only be used in self defense situations that legally and morally warrant the use of deadly force. This choke out DVD is for informational purposes only!

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