Armed to the Teeth (Vol. 2) DVD



Armed to the Teeth (Volume. 2): Mastering Lower Body Weapons – This instructional dvd picks up where Volume One left off. Here, Sammy Franco will teach you the rest of his brutal offensive arsenal. You don’t need to be a martial artists to master these efficient and effective striking techniques.

Armed to the Teeth (Volume 2) teaches you the following self defense techniques: short arc hammer fist demonstrations and applications, knife hand strikes at close quarter combat range, the devastating web hand strike, horizontal and diagonal elbow strikes, vertical elbow strikes in the clinch, effective elbow combinations for the street, rear vertical and diagonal knee strikes, why lead knee strikes don’t work in a fight, the push kick and its combative utility in a fight, the truth about the “side kick”, the explosive vertical kick, the dangers of a “classical front snap” kick, the CFA hook kick, why roundhouse kicks will get you killed in a street fight, kicking cylinder application, kicking shield drills, mannequin drills and exercises, focus mitt training, anatomical target orientation and much more.

NOTE: Since this is a two part dvd series, we recommend getting the companion dvd: Armed to the Teeth (Volume 1).

DVD Details: ARMED TO THE TEETH: Mastering Lower Body Weapons (Volume 2) is a multi-regional dvd and will play anywhere in the world. Top audio and color quality. Approximate running time: 50 minutes.

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