War Blade: Knife Fighting (DVD)



In this revolutionary War Blade Program, self-defense expert Sammy Franco takes you step by step through the process of mastering knife fighting for personal protection.

Here, Mr. Franco gives you the comprehensive knowledge, skills, and attitude necessary to get you home alive and in one piece. This “reality based” knife fighting program dispels the common myths and misinformation about knife fighting and reveals the secrets of why tactical folding knives are the ultimate close quarter weapon. You don’t need previous martial arts or self-defense training to learn the skills and techniques in his knife fighting program!

War Blade: A Complete Guide to Tactical Knife Fighting includes:

  • what to look for when purchasing a fighting folder, carry methods, critical
  • knife fighting footwork, straight edge vs. serrated blades, one-handed speed
  • opening skills, proper knife grips and weapon manipulation when knife fighting,
  • legal and moral issues of knife fighting, the most important “attributes” of
  • knife fighting, advantages and disadvantages of knife fighting, psychological
  • effects of pre-contact knife fighting, fixed vs. fighting folders, the pros
  • and cons of symmetrical and asymmetrical blades, knife retention skills when
  • knife fighting, analysis of good and bad knife fighting stances, positional
  • considerations during knife fighting engagement, the art and science of cutting,
  • cutting angles, “cutting” demos,
  • counter attacking skills, beginner and advanced reflex training drills, speed
  • cutting secrets, psych-out strategies, the proper knife fighting mind set when
  • knife fighting and much more!

War Blade: A Complete Guide to Tactical Knife Fighting is highly recommended for members of the military, law enforcement personnel and law abiding citizens faced with a life and death self-defense situation! If you really want to learn knife fighting for personal self protection, then this DVD program is for you! Attention! This program is for informational purposes only!

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