Wrist Locks (Vol.1) DVD



Wrist Locks For The Street (Volume 1)  Contemporary Fighting Arts founder, Sammy Franco teaches you his unique and effective wrist lock system specifically designed for “real world” street self defense. This wrist lockdvd features both slow and reverse motion video footage so you can learn these street wrist locks very quickly. This dvd is an ideal reference for security personnel, law enforcement, military and even civilian self-defense.

Wrist Locks For The Street (Volume 1) teaches you these important techniques and principles: Introduction by Sammy Franco, Safety Considerations When Training, The Pros of Wrist Locks, The Cons of Wrist Locks, The 5 Ways To Attack The Wrist, Proactive vs. Reactive Wrist Locks, The 1st Thing You Must Always Do Before Attempting Any Wrist Lock, Party Flex Wrist Lock: Countering High One Hand Wrist Grab (Mirror Image), Hubod Drill with Party Flex Integration, Punch Awareness Drill, Knife Awareness Drill, Punch & Knife Awareness Drill (with Full Contact Integration), 2 Options After the Wrist Lock is Initiated, The Takedown, After The Takedown: The Handcuff Position, The Party Escort Technique, Hammer Lock: 1 Hand Wrist Grab High (Opposite Side), Hammer Lock with Party Flex with Thumb Lock, Hubod Drill with Hammer Lock, Hubod Drill with Party Flex & Hammer Lock, Party Flex: 2 Hand Wrist Grab High (From De-Escalation Stance), 2 Hand High Drill, and Wrist Lock Strengthening Exercises.

DVD Details: Wrist Locks For The Street (Volume 1): Countering High Position Assaults is a multi-regional DVD and will play anywhere in the world. Excellent audio and color quality. Approximate running time: 1 hour.

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