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Wrist Locks are joint locks that attack the wrist joint and they are one of the best ways to gain control over someone without injuring them. Wrist locks are often used by police officers, security personnel, military and even civilians who want to broaden their self defense repertoire. Unfortunately, most wrist locks are too impractical and ineffective for real self defense situations.

In Wrist Locks for the Street (volume 2), self defense expert, Sammy Franco teaches you how to use wrist locks to counter low assaults. Like volume one, this unique wrist lock system is specifically designed for reality based self defense applications. This one-of-a-kind wrist lock program also features both slow and reverse motion video footage so you can learn these practical wrist locks very quickly.

Wrist Locks For The Street (volume 2) teaches you the following lessons:

  • Safety considerations during wrist lock training.
  • The pros and cons of using wrist locks in self defense.
  • The 5 ways you can apply a wrist lock.
  • The differences between proactive and reactive wrist locks.
  • The prerequisite to any wrist lock.
  • Outside twist wrist lock: countering a one hand wrist grab low.
  • Outside twist wrist lock to apply a take down technique.
  • Party flex wrist lock: countering a one hand wrist grab.
  • Outside twist wrist lock: punch awareness drill.
  • V pinch wrist lock: countering a one hand wrist grab low (opposite side).
  • V pinch wrist lock: countering two hands on one wrist grab.
  • V pinch wrist lock: for a take down technique.
  • Outside wrist lock: countering a two hand wrist grab low.
  • Party flex wrist lock to counter a rear pickpocket attempt.
  • Two hand wrist grab response drill.
  • High to low wrist lock orientation drill.
  • Bonus wrist lock demonstrations.
  • Wrist lock strengthening exercises.

DVD Details: Wrist Locks For The Street (volume 2): countering low position assaults is a multi-regional DVD and will play anywhere in the world. Excellent audio and color quality. Approximate running time: 55 minutes.

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