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The medicine ball is an exceptional and inexpensive fitness tool that can be used alone or with a partner for improving functional strength, muscle coordination, reaction time, balance, agility and flexibility. Because of its size and ease of handling, the medicine ball is also a great alternative for people who cannot join a gym or lift weights.

In Medicine Ball Workout (Volume 2), Sammy Franco teaches you a wide range of core and lower body exercises that will chisel your physique, build exceptional body power and improve you flexibility.

Core conditioning is not just limited to your abdominal muscles. Your “core” is actually comprised of many different muscles that cover the entire length of your torso which stabilize your spine and pelvis and which provide a solid foundation for movement. Strong core muscles help keep your back healthy, hold your body upright, improves your balance and significantly enhances your combat skills and techniques.

Whether you are training for self defense, a particular sport or for general fitness, this dvd provides you with the knowledge and skills to get the results you want. Medicine Ball Workout (Volume 2) is a must have for mma fighters, fitness enthusiasts, self defense students, instructors, personal trainers or anyone who wants to get into fantastic shape.

Medicine Ball Workout (Volume 2) demonstrates 26 total exercises (16 core exercises and 10 lower body exercises). This DVD also includes: how to select the correct ball (features the 9, 12 & 15 pound medicine balls), and training guidelines. Don’t wait, enhance your athletic performance now!

Core Exercises

  • Standing Twist (solo drill)
  • Waist Twist (solo drill)
  • Seated Twist & Raise (solo drill)
  • Crunches (solo drill)
  • Ball Roll Crunch (solo drill)
  • Crossover Twist (solo drill)
  • Sit Up Twist (solo drill)
  • Knee Ups (solo drill)
  • Figure Eights (solo drill)
  • V Ups (solo drill)
  • Lying Trunk Twist (solo drill)
  • Steamroller (solo drill)
  • Outside Rotation Pass (partner drill)
  • Inside Rotation Pass (partner drill)
  • Over/Under Pass (partner drill)
  • Sit Up Toss (partner drill)

Lower Body Exercises

  • Marches (solo drill)
  • Lunges (solo drill)
  • Lunge & Twist (solo drill)
  • Squats (solo drill)
  • Front Extension (solo drill)
  • Chest Pass & Squat (partner drill)
  • Kick Ups (partner drill)
  • Kick Ups on table (partner drill)
  • Leg Extensions (partner drill)
  • Hamstring Curl (partner drill)

DVD Details: Medicine Ball Workout (Volume 2) is a multi-regional DVD and will play anywhere in the world. Top audio and color quality. Total DVD Run Time: 50 min.

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