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Sticks are ubiquitous street weapons and are often used in a street fight. In this action packed dvd, Contemporary Fighting Arts founder, Sammy Franco teaches you the practical application of stick fighting for self defense. This dynamic dvd teaches you how to use a stick as an offensive weapon!

In Stick Fighting you will learn: the correct way to hold a stick, why stick fighting is critical for modern self-defense training, 3 reasons why you should use a hammer grip, turning your stick into a double weapon, the different stick grips (hammer, ice pick, quarter staff and baseball bat grips), the 3 stick ranges, the stick fighting stance (CWCT theory applied), knife vs. stick, how to attack the opponents hands, stick twirl exercises, proper striking technique, snap back and follow through strikes, snap back demonstrations, 9 angles of attack, realistic striking targets, double stick drills (1/2-2/1, 1/6-2/5, 1/6-6/1), power swing strikes for street survival, close quarter stick combat (CQC drills), hubod drill, and full contact stick fighting scenarios.

Did You Know? Regular stick training with dramatically improve your your eye and hand coordination and both offensive and defensive reaction time. This is because the stick travels up to 5 times faster than the hands. Don’t neglect this essential form of self-defense training!

DVD Details: Stick Fighting: Practical Offensive Applications is a multi-regional dvd and will play anywhere in the world. Top audio and color quality. Approximate running time: 1 hour.

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