Self Defense Tips (Book)




Self-Defense Tips and Tricks offers hundreds of simple and practical ideas and suggestions to protect yourself and your family from all types of violent crime.

This personal safety and self-defense book takes you inside the criminal’s mind and arms you with his tactics and techniques allowing you to beat him at his own game by stopping him dead in his tracks.

Self-Defense Tips and Tricks is written in an easy-to-use format that allows you to quickly apply these life-saving skills into your daily activities. This unique book is divided into six important chapters:

• Street Smart Safety
• Home Protection
• Workplace Safety
• Child Safety
• Travel Safety
• Fighting Back Tips

Self-Defense Tips and Tricks also covers a broad range of self-defense solutions, including: self-defense awareness, surviving an active shooter situation, airline safety, hotel safety, how to deal with bullies, avoiding hassles overseas, sexual assault prevention, automobile safety, avoiding ambush zones, self-defense do’s and don’ts, safety when working out, what to do when kidnapped, using self-defense weapons, dealing with stalkers, the best ways to safeguard your home, self-defense for seniors, for women and much more.

If you have ever considered protecting yourself or your family from crime but feared you didn’t have the knowledge or skills to do it, you must read this book. Self-Defense Tips and Tricks is a goldmine of information for anyone who wants to take responsibility for their own personal safety at home, on the streets or abroad.

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