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Nowadays, it seems that just about everyone is studying some sort of mixed martial art and there’s a very good chance you might face a mixed martial artist in a violent street encounter.

In this unique self defense book, world-renowned self defense expert Sammy Franco teaches you everything you wanted to know about defeating a mixed martial artist on the streets.

Out of the Cage: A Complete Guide to Beating a Mixed Martial Artist on the Street gives you fast and powerful techniques to beat a skilled mixed martial artist under real street fighting conditions. This heavily detailed book also takes you inside the mind of the MMA fighter and reveals all of his tactics and techniques, allowing you to quickly exploit them to your advantage.

Forget the UFC! The truth is, a street fight is the “ultimate no holds barred fight” with often deadly consequences, but you don’t need to join an MMA school or be a cage fighter to defeat a mixed martial artist. What you need are solid skills and combat proven techniques that can be applied under the stress of real world combat conditions.

Out of the Cage is as real as it gets! This one-of-a-kind street combat book is ideal for military, security, law enforcement or anyone, regardless of martial arts style or background, who wants simple, practical and effective techniques to stop their MMA opponent cold!

Book Details: 7 x 10, soft cover, perfect bound book, includes pictures and illustrations. 196 pages.


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