Stand And Deliver (Book)




Stand And Deliver: A Street Warrior’s Guide To Tactical Combat Stances teaches you the most practical and effective combat stances needed to survive in today’s violent and deadly world. Whether you are walking down a dark and deserted alley or being targeted by a belligerent drunk at the end of the bar, Stand and Deliver has you covered.

This book isn’t about sport fighting, flashy moves or traditional rituals. Instead, self-defense expert Sammy Franco teaches you his unique combat stances and its related strategies to protect you and your loved ones from some of the most dangerous forms of street violence.

Stand And Deliver will teach you how to:

  • Outwit conniving street thugs
  • Diffuse violence before it starts
  • Mask fear and anxiety from your opponent
  • Defend against baseball bat attacks
  • Knife fight more effectively
  • Survive against a knife-wielding maniac
  • Outsmart and disarm a dangerous gunman
  • And much, much more

You may think you are prepared to handle a violent street assault. After all, you’re in great shape and have trained and practiced for years for such a situation. But unless you have mastered the principles and strategies featured in this book, you are not as prepared as you should be.

Stand and Deliver teaches you exactly what you need to know, so you’ll be prepared if and when that fateful day arrives.


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