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Gun ownership is a tremendous responsibility that requires you possess the knowledge, skills and attitude for safe gun handling. The Gun Safety handbook is a comprehensive no-nonsense guide for anyone who owns a gun or is considering buying a firearm for home defense or personal protection.

In this book, world-renowned self defense expert Sammy Franco addresses some of the following important topics: why do people own firearms, questions to ask yourself before making a gun purchase, the pros and cons of gun ownership, how and where to purchase guns, the gun safety rules, dealing with children and guns, firearm basics, types of handguns, shotguns for self defense, shot size for self defense, revolvers, semiautomatics, handgun ammunition, gun calibers, firing sequence, full metal jacket vs. hollow-point ammo, ammunition safety and storage, common ammunition malfunctions, how to choose the right gun for you and your family, caliber analysis for stopping power, gun cleaning tips, safe gun storage options and much more.

If you own a firearm or plan on buying a gun for personal protection or home defense then you owe it to yourself, your friends, and your family to read and study this book.

Gun Safety Handbook Details: 8.5 x 5.5, soft cover, perfect bound book, photos, diagrams, and illustrations – 98 pages.

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