Kubotan (Streaming Video)




Kubotan Instant Video Download teaches you everything and anything you wanted to know about using the kubotan in all types of self defense situations. This instructional download video will give you the knowledge and skills necessary to use the kubotan with confidence. What’s great about this unique kubotan video is that you don’t need previous martial arts training to learn how to unlock the true power of this incredible self-defense weapon.

What’s covered in this instructional video?

Our kubotan instant video covers the following topics:

  • Kubotan stances and postures
  • Kubotan hand grips
  • Kubotan wrist locks
  • Kubotan strikes
  • Kubotan concealment techniques
  • Kubotan control techniques
  • Kubotan fist loading techniques
  • Kubotans five applications
  • Kubotan target choices
  • Kubotan defenses
  • Kubotan retention skills
  • Kubotan assault escape techniques
  • Kubotan pressure point targets
  • Kubotan full contact demonstrations
  • Kubotan flow drills
  • Kubotan ground fighting and submission wrestling
  • Kubotan and body opponent bag (BOB) workouts
  • Kubotan “bullick” target training
  • Kubotan razing techniques
  • Kubotan anchoring techniques

About our Instant Video Downloads:

Kubotan Self-Defense is a downloadable instant video that will play on any:

  • Computer
  • Laptop
  • Tablet or iPad
  • Smartphone

After you purchase this download video, you will login to your order detail page and click the download button. Keep in mind, once you purchase this downloadable instant video, it will play on multiple devices and it’s yours to keep for good. Kubotan Self-Defense is 70 minutes long. 


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