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Heavy Bag Training is truly a one-of-a-kind dvd that cuts to the chase and teaches you specific heavy bag drills and exercises that will prepare you for both the rigors of street self-defense as well as combat sports. This is your number one source for learning how to use the heavy bag.

The heavy bag is the most recognized piece of training equipment in the world yet it still remains the most misused pieces of workout equipment in the gym. However, with our Heavy Bag Training DVD, you can acquire the knowledge, skills and techniques necessary to successfully get working on the bag!

Heavy Bag Training was created to work with a variety of different types of punching bags. They include:

  • Heavy Bags
  • Freestanding Punching Bags
  • Muay Thai Bags

This unique Heavy Bag Training DVD shares Mr. Franco’s unique approach for training effectively on the punching bag. This home-study DVD covers a variety of different heavy bag drills and exercises ideal for both street self-defense and combat sports training. Topics discussed in this heavy bag DVD include:

  • Why the heavy bag is such an important training tool for self defense
  • How to hang a heavy bag
  • Important considerations when setting up your heavy bag
  • Bare-knuckle heavy bag training for street combat preparation
  • The proper and safe way to hit the heavy bag
  • The two ways of holding the bag during heavy bag training
  • Training benefits of leather, vinyl and canvas bags
  • Basic heavy bag punches (including: lead straights, rear crosses, hook punches, shovel hooks, uppercuts, elbow strikes and head butts)
  • Uppercut modifications for safe heavy bag training
  • How to use the uppercut bag
  • Advanced heavy bag exercises (including: back and forth drill, one man elevation drill, two man elevation drill, proficiency training, “punch a hole in the bag” drill, the ground pounding drill and the disorientation drill)
  • Specialty punching bags are also demonstrated (including: the sharp shooter bag, headshot bag, and uppercut bag)
  • Strengthening exercises for heavy bag training
  • Other heavy bag sources of information

DVD Details: Heavy Bag Training is a multi-regional DVD and will play anywhere in the world. Top audio and color quality. Total DVD Run Time: 1 hour.

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