Body Opponent Bag (Streaming Video)




Body Opponent Bag Video teaches you sixteen unique body opponent bag (BOB) workouts. Regardless of your martial art style or self defense system, you can achieve significant improvement in your fighting skills when performing these cutting edge workout routines. Learn how to unlock your full potential with this unique punching bag!

Body Opponent Bag Training Video covers these topics:

  • Introduction to the body opponent bag
  • How to properly fill the body opponent bag
  • Adjusting the body opponent bag for proper targeting
  • How to move the body opponent bag
  • Workout 1: First strike training
  • Workout 2: Punching combination training
  • Workout 3: Compound attack training
  • Workout 4: Multiple attacker fighting
  • Workout 5  Claustrophobic effect
  • Workout 6: Clinch swimming drill
  • Workout 7: Isometric rear choke drill
  • Workout 8: Ground Fighting pummeling drill
  • Workout 9: Ground Fighting spooning drill
  • Workout 10: Stick fighting training
  • Workout 11: Stick strangles
  • Workout 12: Knife fighting training
  • Workout 13: Knife concealment drill
  • Workout 14: Man in the middle drill
  • Workout 15: Kubotan stikes
  • Workout 16: Razing & Widowmaker Training

About our Instant Video Downloads:

Body Opponent Bag Trainiing is a downloadable instant video that will play on any:

  • Computer
  • Laptop
  • Tablet or iPad
  • Smartphone or iPhone
  • Full quality video quality & sound.

After you purchase this download video, you will login to your order detail page and click the download button. Keep in mind, once you purchase this downloadable instant video, it will play on multiple devices and it’s yours to keep for good. Body Opponent Bag Video is 1 hour long. 


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