1001 Street Fighting Secrets (Book)




There is nothing mystical about Contemporary Fighting Arts, the self-defense system founded by Sammy Franco in 1983. It is simply a no-nonsense approach to the harsh realities of winning a fight, and 1,001 Street Fighting Secrets is an all-inclusive compilation of Franco’s experience-based knowledge.

Each chapter of this expansive book covers a specific area of self-defense, beginning with the vital foundations of effective street fighting, training and conditioning for armed and unarmed combat, the attributes of combat, and tactics and strategies. From there, Franco progresses to the more specialized areas of combat training, such as grappling and ground fighting, bludgeons and stick fighting, edged weapons and firearms. The hundreds of tips in this exhaustive work will provide hours of useful study for all serious students of realistic self-defense.

Book Details: 8 1/2 x 11, soft cover, lots of photos and illustrations, 224 total pages.

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