10 Best Knife Fighting Techniques (Book)


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Learn What It Takes to Survive a Knife Fight
The 10 Best Knife Fighting Techniques: Deadly Knife Fighting Techniques for the Street is a concise guide designed to teach some of the most practical and effective knife fighting techniques for self-defense. Unlike other knife fighting books, The 10 Best Knife Fighting Techniques is devoid of impractical and gimmicky techniques that can get you injured or possibly killed when faced with a real-world self-defense crisis. Instead, this book arms you with the most efficient, effective, and practical knife fighting skills that work in the chaos of a real-world survival situation. In fact, the self-defense skills and techniques found within these pages are straightforward and easy to apply.

Easy to Follow Knife Fighting Skills
This easy to follow book covers a broad spectrum of knife fighting concepts. Learn how choose the right fighting knife, exploit and manipulate your environment, learn deceptive knife fighting tricks, master knife hand grips, knife fighting ranges, knife wound reaction dynamics, secondary knife fighting weapons, and much more. By following the knife fighting techniques outlined in this book you will dramatically improve your combat skills regardless of your size, strength, or level of training experience.

Bonus Knife Fighting Material Included!
Since knife fighting is a vast subject filled with numerous subtle details, we’ve included an additional 10 knife fighting techniques plus a chapter devoted entirely to knife fighting training.

30+ Years of Knife Fighting Experience
The knife fighting techniques and strategies featured in this book are based on world renowned martial arts expert, Sammy Franco’s 30+ years of research, training and teaching reality based combat. He has taught these unique knife fighting concepts to thousands of his students, and he’s confident they will help you.

A Great Addition to Your Self-Defense Library
Regardless of your knife fighting background or level of experience. The techniques and strategies featured in this book are practical and straightforward and can be seamlessly incorporated into your current martial arts, self-defense or survival program. As a matter of fact, integrating these essential knife fighting principles and their related concepts will dramatically improve your odds of prevailing in any high risk self-defense situation. 8.5 x 5.5 paperback, 148 pages.


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