Maximum Damage (Book)




Maximum Damage teaches you the quickest ways to beat your opponent in the street by exploiting his physical and psychological reactions in a fight. Learn how to stay two steps ahead of your adversary by knowing exactly how he will react to your strikes before they are delivered.

In this one-of-a kind book, reality based self-defense expert Sammy Franco reveals his unique Probable Reaction Dynamic (PRD) fighting method. Probable reaction dynamics are both a scientific and comprehensive offensive strategy based on the positional theory of combat. Regardless of your style of fighting, PRD training will help you overpower your opponent by seamlessly integrating your strikes into brutal fighting combinations that are fast, ferocious and final!

Maximum Damage teaches you how to:

  • Think two steps ahead of your opponent
  • Blend techniques into logical fighting combinations
  • Attack with explosive energy
  • Spot the best vital point targets
  • Psychologically cripple your adversary
  • Overwhelm your opponent’s defenses
  • And much, much more

With over 240 photographs and detailed step-by-step instructions, Maximum Damage teaches you the best ways to deliver devastating compound attacks that will take the fight out of your opponent and your opponent out of the fight!

In this informative book, you’ll see Sammy Franco’s PRD system put into explosive action with dozens of real-life street encounters. Whether you are a military specialist, martial artist or self-defense student, Maximum Damage teaches you brutally effective skills and proven strategies to get you home alive and in one piece.

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