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First Strike Master Program is designed to teach you everything you ever wanted to know about launching a preemptive strike in a self-defense situation. This comprehensive home study training program includes both our best-selling First Strike Book and First Strike DVD. The combination of both book and DVD will give you an exceptionally strong foundation in the principles and concepts of striking first. See below for more details…

First Strike (Book) – Learn how to stop any fight before it starts by mastering the art and science of the preemptive attack. First Strike is based on the proven principles of the acclaimed Contemporary Fighting Arts (CFA) system, founded by Sammy Franco. This outstanding fighting reference serves as both a training tool to teach you how to launch a first strike and a strategic blueprint for using it in actual combat.

Gain the upper hand by knowing how to determine if a reasonable threat exists, justify a preemptive strike and assess the legal and moral ramifications of any preemptive strike. Get the lowdown on range proficiency, ghosting, secondary strikes to finish off an attacker, the compound attack and offensive flow, the relocation principle and fear management, as well as the appropriate targets, strikes, blocks, parries, pushes, jabs and gouges to drop any opponent to the floor with one punishing blow. Finally, find out how to apply what you have learned by studying the book’s 15 real-life first-strike street fighting scenarios.

This is your chance to acquire the skills, knowledge and attitude necessary to strike first – and win. Book Details: 8.5 inches x 11 inches, soft cover spiral bound, photos, illustrations – 200 pages.

First Strike (DVD) – This instructional DVD covers everything and anything you ever wanted to know about Sammy Franco’s First Strike principle. Watch realistic “full contact” first strike scenarios demonstrated by Sammy Franco. Topics also include: natural postures, de-escalation & first strike stances, strategic hand positioning range awareness, congruency, disingenuous vocalization, the Gemini principle, distractionary tactics, threat assessments, first strike arsenal, secondary strike tools, anatomical striking targets, blocks, parries, wrist escapes, relocation principle, proximity and reaction time factors, the offensive flow, exploiting the opponent’s reaction dynamics, and much more.

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