First Strike (Book)




Learn how to stop any fight before it starts by mastering the art of the preemptive attack. First Strike gives you an easy-to-learn yet highly effective self-defense game plan for handling violent close-quarter combat encounters.

First Strike will teach you instinctive, practical and realistic self-defense techniques that will drop any opponent to the floor with one punishing blow.

This book will show you:

  • How to end a fight instantly
  • How to spot and avoid being targeted for a fight
  • How to deceive the most seasoned street thug
  • Simple and effective fighting techniques
  • Critical knock-out targets
  • How to avoid being arrested

First Strike also includes: range proficiency, ghosting, secondary strikes to finish off an attacker, the compound attack and offensive flow, the relocation principle, how to avoid getting arrested, strikes, blocks, parries, punches, jabs, and beginner, intermediate and advanced workout routines, real-life first-strike fighting scenarios and much more!

By reading this book and by practicing, you will learn the hard-hitting skills necessary to execute a punishing first strike and ultimately prevail in a fight. And that’s what it is all about: winning in as little time as possible.

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