Wicked Jester Lighter


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Wicked Jester Zippo Lighter

We are pleased to announce that the Zippo Manufacturing Company has produced our very own CFA lighter. This Special Edition lighter is one of a kind, made of high polished chrome featuring our unique Wicked Jester logo. Great detail has been given to the dead man’s hand, and Crawford Kasper Tactical Knife. This handsome lighter makes a great gift and will be a true collectable. Celebrate Contemporary Fighting Arts on the canvas of a Zippo windproof lighter! This is the ultimate CFA Collector Item! Only 25 were produced. Comes in a beautiful black display box. Only 2 left!

All Zippo Lighters come with a Lifetime Guarantee. Any Zippo lighter, when returned to the factory, will be put back into first-class mechanical condition, free of charge regardless of the age or condition of the lighter.

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