10 Best Ways to Develop Your Killer Instinct (Book)




The 10 Best Ways to Develop Your Killer Instinct: Powerful Exercises That Will Unleash Your Inner Beast is a unique book also teaches you how to unlock the true power of your mind and unleash this incredible powerful source of power and energy that will help you achieve success in just about any performance situation or activity.

A Serious Guide Anyone Can Use
The 10 Best Ways to Develop Your Killer Instinct doesn’t pull punches! It’s simple and direct. It doesn’t bog you down with dry theories, mind-numbing case studies, confusing jargon, or pointless and long-winded anecdotal stories. Instead, it’s written in simple, easily understood language, so you can quickly learn and apply the killer instinct skills and achieve personal success.

30+ Years of Training Experience at Your Fingertips
The 10 Best Ways to Develop Your Killer Instinct is serious material that contains proven training techniques for developing and sharpening this essential mental attribute. The techniques and exercises featured in this book are based on Sammy Franco’s 30+ years of research, training and teaching the martial arts and self-defense sciences. They have helped thousands of his students excel and achieve their personal goals, and he’s confident they will help you reach new levels of success.

Eliminate Fear Once and For All
Here, you’ll also find step-by-step strategies for dealing with the debilitating fear and anxiety often associated with many high-risk situations. By studying and practicing the concepts and principles in this book, you will feel a renewed sense of empowerment, enabling you to live life with greater self-confidence and personal freedom.