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The War Machine CD Box Set (Audio Book) Narrated by Sammy Franco – War Machine Audio Book Program will change you for the rest of your life! This unique training program is specifically designed to transform you into a vicious and deadly street fighter. When followed accordingly, War Machine will forge your mind, body and spirit into iron. Once armed with the mental and physical tools of the War Machine, you will become a strong and confident warrior that can handle just about anything that life may throw you way. In essence, War Machine is a way of life. Powerful, intense, and hard. The War Machine Audio Book includes these chapters:

War Machine Psychology
Introduces you to the ten critical components of mental toughness. They include: hard core attitude, self-confidence, decisiveness, follow through, courage, combative desensitization , viciousness, self discipline, philosophical resolution and responsibility. This chapter also includes the necessity of “masking”, overcoming negative combat related stress reactions (surprise reaction,distraction reaction, break down reaction, distortion reaction), visualization techniques, the mental movie, jeopardy and much more!

War Machine Physiology
Instructs you how to acquire the War Machine physique. Here you will learn about: proper body compositions, pumping iron, warming up and stretching out, the combative utility of muscle groups, weight training routines, the importance of hand strengthening, running, the power of music, training partners, coping with pain, rest and burnout, proper eating guidelines, and the dangers of anabolic steroids.

War Machine Combatives
This chapter will arm you with the concepts and principles necessary to master the War Machine’s brutal arsenal. Here, you will learn range proficiency, stances of combat, strategic positioning, live side, dead side, the inside position, stance angulation, basic and advanced footwork, the balance of forces, target orientation, target recognition, target selection, target impaction, target exploitation, target zones, the medical implications of offensive strikes, combat attributes -speed, impact power, ambidexterity, offensive reaction time, balance, non-telegraphic movement, threat assessment, first strike, switching to auto pilot, the killer instinct, the 14 natural body weapons, knives, bludgeons, firearms, make shift weaponry and many other critical concepts.

War Machine Philosophy
Bridges the gap between the technical and philosophical aspects of combat. This chapter will provide you with a greater appreciation and understanding of the War Machine. Topics include: courage, pacifism, good vs. evil, ego, laws of reality, loyalty, frustration, and combat strategies.Also Included: Battle casualties (emergency and first aid guidelines) after a street fight, and war machine code of conduct.

Product Details: War Machine CD Box Set includes 2 quality CDs. Total Listening Time: 2 hours and 28 minutes. Professionally narrated by CFA Founder, Sammy Franco.

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