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Pepper Spray, also known as OC Spray, is an extremely effective self defense tool that can bring any attacker to his knees in agony. When pepper spray is sprayed into the criminal’s face he will immediately experience closing of the eyes, excessive tearing, severe burning, difficulty breathing, runny nose and excessive coughing. The average duration of pepper spray effects lasts around thirty to forty-five minutes. Pepper spray is widely used by police, military, security guards, bounces, doormen, and men and women of all ages.

Why do you need a pepper spray dvd? The unfortunate fact is most people who carry pepper spray have no idea how to use it correctly. This is because there is virtually no information available on this fantastic self defense tool. But now, for the first time, there is a unique instructional pepper spray dvd specifically devoted to using pepper spray for self defense situations.

Pepper Spray DVD: A Video Guide to Using Pepper Spray for Self Defense features everything and anything you wanted to know about using pepper spray for self defense and personal protection!

Pepper Spray DVD is ideal for: 

• College students
• Housewives
• Doormen & Bouncers
• Security personnel
• Law enforcement
• Military personnel
• Martial artists of all styles
• RBSD students

In Pepper Spray: A Video Guide to Using Pepper Spray for Self Defense, CFA founder and self defense expert Sammy Franco teaches you everything and anything you wanted to know about this incredible self defense tool. What’s great about this skill-building dvd is that you don’t need previous martial arts training to learn how to unlock the true power of this incredible self defense weapon. In this intensive dvd program, you will learn:

• Scoville Heat Units
• Pepper spray components
• Pepper spray targets
• Types of pepper spray (stream, cone, fogger, foam)
• Cone pattern vs. stream pattern
• Drawing skills & techniques
• The importance of “S” patterns
• Pepper spray stance
• Protecting your pepper spray
• Pepper spray retention skills & tactics
• Defensive push technique
• Pepper spray ranges
• Solo Pepper spray drills
• Partner pepper spray drills
• Body Opponent Bag spray drills
• Pepper spray encroachment drills
•Contact spraying techniques
• Pepper spray wrist grab counters
• Pepper spray maintenance tips
• Pepper spray decontamination procedures
• Pepper spray safety tips
• BONUS! Includes action-packed pepper spray street scenarios!

DVD Details: Pepper Spray: A Video Guide to Using Pepper Spray for Self Defense is a multi-regional DVD and will play anywhere in the world. Top audio and color quality. Total Run Time: 50 minutes.

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