Ground Fighting in the Streets (DVD)



Ground Fighting in the Streets will teach you the “hard-core” ground fighting basics you must know to survive in the streets! Here Mr. Franco will show you the fundamentals of “real world” ground fighting. This is not a “sport combat” dvd. It’s street fighting. Nitty, gritty and down and dirty!

This dynamic dvd includes: the five ground fighting positions (the mount, leg guard, opposite pole, perpendicular mount and chest to back position), the double leg grapevine, escaping from the guard, escaping from the top mounted position, striking from the mounted position, striking from the guard position, the box hold, modified Japanese arm bar, how to lower your base, elbow strikes from the mount, the guillotine choke, the forearm choke, arm framing techniques, embracing the range, escaping from the side head lock, leg chokes, pummeling techniques and strategies, proper use of the grappling dummy, use-of-force justifications on the ground, speed punching drills, Indian grips, edge of hand grips, wrist grips, three finger grips, elbow variation grips, blindfold ground fighting drills, the #1 target to attack in a ground fight, the least preferred target to attack on the ground, differences between training on the mat and the concrete, the swimming drill, other exercises are also demonstrated with detailed explanation, plus much more. NOTE: This is a ground fighting basics dvd and is recommended for people who have no ground fighting training or experience.

DVD Details: GROUND FIGHTING IN THE STREETS is a multi-regional DVD and will play anywhere in the world. Top audio and color quality. Approximate running time: 58 minutes.

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