Privacy Policy

Security & Privacy Policy

We want you to be our long-term regular customer, so we think it’s important to tell you how we do business and let you know everything you should about buying our products on our web site. Please take a few moments to read the information below, where we’ve addressed issues that most often interest our customers.

Security & Privacy 
There’s nothing more important to us than your privacy and the security of your transaction. Just like any business, we have to collect a certain amount of information in order to get your purchase to you. We also want to be sure that we can communicate with you about your purchase and make sure you know about any related items we have to offer. What we don’t do is give your information to anybody else, for any reason, ever.

When you use our online ordering system, your address, payment information and the details of your order are always transmitted directly to PayPal using  the best 128-bit SSL encryption. WE NEVER, EVER STORE YOUR CREDIT CARD OR PERSONAL INFORMATION! Our website is also a CERTIFIED MCAFEE SECURE SITE and is secured by GEOTRUST.